Kinesthetic Learning in Youth work

Training course for youth workers, 29.8.-6.9.2018, Osijek, Croatia

By Vasiliki Kati

This training course was an amazing experience for both dancers/movers and youth workers. The main topic was how to apply the kinesthetic knowledge while working with youngsters and it wasn’t necessary for a participant to know how to dance at all.

The course started on the 29th of August and ended on the 6th of September, it took place in the beautiful city of Osijek in Croatia. During our time there we had the chance to learn how to gain self-confidence while dancing/moving and how to communicate messages based on social activism such as creativity, self-expression, diversity etc. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to create a little performance for the local youth and design our own workshop.

In general we were engaged with the local youth and local society in many ways, if you take into consideration that we had an outdoor session at the main square of the city.

It was a beautiful experience that helped us realize that dancing/moving can bring you closer to people and it is a means of communication, even though you don’t have to speak to transmit an idea.Also, our time there was great because we made new friends from all around Europe and at the same time we got to know the Croatian culture.

We want to thank Inter Alia for this extraordinary experience!!

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