You have one new friend request: Mother Earth

Youth Exchange, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1-8 September 2017

By Zisimos-Stylianos Tramparis, Christos Angelakopoulos, Konstantinos Kappos, Maria Tsichli

The youth exchange “You have one new friend request: Mother Earth” in Ljubljana was a unique and incredible Erasmus+ experience, and it surely was an astonishing one for all of us. It gave us the chance to cross in a magical trip, half of the Balkans by trains and buses and when we finally arrived in our destination, we found a hospitable multi-cultural team welcoming us to one of the most unforgettable weeks of our lives.

The city itself although we hadn’t the chance to explore it fully due to our heavy schedule, was beautiful and manages to truly enchant you with its medieval climate and lovely architecture. As for the time we spent in, we think we will never be able to forget the long talks in the lounge or the fun we had each morning with the various activities and games.

Concerning the project, we focused on environmental issues such as useful and practical ways to protect efficiently the environment and how to talk about it with a very interesting course in debate. All and all it wasn’t perfectly organized, but what is? The important thing was that it managed to pay you off for every little drawback it had, that we met a lot of interesting people and their cultures and that we acquainted a new foreign civilization at all.