ANTYGONE TODAY,  23 April – 2 May 2023

In just eight days, a group of 45 young people from eight different countries embarked on a transformative journey, using the power of theatre to explore contemporary social issues and foster solidarity. Inspired by Sophocles’ timeless masterpiece, “Antigone,” and under the guidance of director Valerio Strati and choreographer Carlomauro Maggiore, the youngsters came together to create a performance that passed borders and touched the hearts of both locals and passers-by.

The journey began with the participants immersing themselves in various theatre and body movement techniques. Through intensive rehearsals and the exploration of different artistic forms, they sought to unleash their creativity and give life to the narrative of Antigone through the lens of their own eyes, feelings and experiences. The aim was to break down barriers and bridge cultural divides, to create space -physical and emotional and build the environment that will allow the actors and the story itself to flourish and come to life once again.

The group dove into the depths of their emotions, finding inspiration in the profound themes of the ancient drama. Using the play as a basis, they identified contemporary social issues across Europe, seeking to explore the challenges faced by European societies today. 

At the beginning, the rehearsal process involved intense collaboration, with participants working in mixed teams to improvise and perform scenes from “Antigone.” Then each group worked on the scene where Antigone confronts Creon in their own languages, providing space for multilingualism and cultural exchange. This act of embracing linguistic diversity further emphasised the importance of unity and understanding in a world that often feels fragmented.

In the middle of the creative process and in order to enhance participants’ theatrical experience, the group embarked on a trip to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus. There, they had the opportunity to explore the rich history and atmosphere of the Asklepeion and the Epidauros, among the ancient most impressive cultural sites.

Finally, after 7 days of preparation, the participants gathered at the central square of Rafina, ready to share their creation with the outside world. The performance became a proof of the dedication and the shared vision of using art as a vehicle for social change. With a mixed audience consisting of local citizens, passers-by, friends and collaborators of Inter Alia, the atmosphere was engaging.

The applause was as warm as the hearts of the participants at that moment! Cheers to the days that have passed, and cheers to the many more to come.