OUR EYE ON THE EU | When the EU has to answer complex questions

Introducing “Our Eye on the EU” – our monthly broadcast “straight from Brussels”! We bring you the three most important topics debated in EU institutions during April with a less-than-3-minute video in Greek – Italian and with English subtitles. Our first broadcast starts with two opposite perspectives on the response that the European Commission gave to campaigners and organisers…

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ANTYGONE TODAY,  23 April – 2 May 2023

In just eight days, a group of 45 young people from eight different countries embarked on a transformative journey, using the power of theatre to explore contemporary social issues and foster solidarity. Inspired by Sophocles’ timeless masterpiece, “Antigone,” and under the guidance of director Valerio Strati and choreographer Carlomauro Maggiore, the youngsters came together to create a performance that…

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