Outcast Europe Collection Day @ Pontians’ Assembly of Tavros: the story of a neighbourhood through items

Outcast Europe collection day at Pontians’ Assembly of Tavros (14 May 2023)

On May 14, Outcast Europe, along with Tavros Residents Initiative’s Solidarity School, Tavros Residents’ Initiative for Solidarity and Pontians Assembly of Tavros co-organised a collection day, with the residents of the neighbourhood, many of them teachers and students of the school, as well as members of the assembly. The locals gathered in a community -and family- setting, at the hospitable space of the Pontians’ Assembly of Tavros, many of them bringing items and stories of movement, and others joining to listen.

Collective discussions were opened about each person’s story of migration, about in-between states of existence and losing the constants in your life, about being unwelcome in your own place and about building or finding communities elsewhere. Items that have travelled from Asia Minor, Romania, China, Egypt, Georgia, Russia, as well as places within Greece were brought forth, and their stories were narrated by their owners. Among the different stories and backgrounds, a common story and destination arose; that of the neighbourhood of Tavros and of the community the residents have created, based not only on their common spaces, but also on the commonalities of the routes that brought them there.

The items and stories that were collected during the collection day in Tavros will be uploaded soon on Outcast Europe’s website.

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