Super FEM – Foster, Empower, Mobilise

Project Duration

January 2023 – December 2024


“Super FEM” is a 24 months project that promotes equal treatment of all genders by exploring innovative and intersectional learning approaches to achieve personal and collective empowerment, skills development and social integration of the beneficiaries.

Target Groups

Primary: Young femininities carrying intersecting identities that undermine their representation, visibility and free expression in public life.


  • Civil society organisations
  • Policy making institutions at local, national and EU level

Aims & Objectives

The “Super FEM” project aspires to:

  • Prevent and combat discrimination reinforcing skills and competences of young femininities.
  • Raise awareness on the victimisation of marginalised groups and promote positive attitudes and solidarity towards them;
  • Bring untold stories of discrimination to the public eye in order to create new educational tools for youth organisations and workers;
  • Empower members to pursue their rights through collective active citizenship and cross-European networks;
  • Promote social integration and gender equality through inclusion of femininities in the participatory process of co-creation;
  • Enhance political representation of marginalised femininities providing access to democratic processes through civil society and youth organisations.

Project deliverables

  • 25 art products based on the work of the Local Working Groups, min 4 per partner;
  • Toolkit for youth workers based on the activities that will take place;
  • 5 local awareness campaigns about the topic of the project;
  • 1 transnational European advocacy campaign on a topic agreed by the participants and the partner organisations;
  • Platform which collects all materials created during the project;
  • Policy recommendations based on the outcomes of the campaigns;
  • Draft of a bigger proposal on the same topic with the same structure.


  • Inter Alia (Greece) – Coordinator
  • ART Fusion (Romania)
  • Institut für Roma und Minderheiten Integration e.V. (IRM) (Germany)
  • Creative Connections Norway (CC) (Norway)
  • POKAZ (Croatia)

To find out more about the Super FEM project or to get involved in the forthcoming activities, contact Boyka Boneva ( or Hara Papadatou (

Project Ref. Number: ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-YOUTH-TOG