(Re)Collecting Outcast Europe

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(Re)Collecting Outcast Europe was a digital culture project that aimed to redevelop and enrich the digital collection Outcast Europe — i.e. the thematic collection that brings together content related to migratory and refugee experiences, including the digital copies of the material objects that were gathered and digitised during the homonymous project, implemented from September 2017 to February 2019. Main…

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Life beyond EU Funding

Youth organisations should not only be service providers but also agents of change. This will be primarily achieved through the efforts of the organisations themselves and their capacity to be resilient and faithful to their vision and mission. However, a more favourable environment, supportive of change and experimentation and, essentially, more forgiving to failure is also crucial.

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Social (Media) Inclusion

Logo of the Social Media Inclusion project

About the Project Social (Media) Inclusion rotated around the concept and perception of good and bad uses of social media, and their impact in contemporary societies in relation to: the perception of migrants and refugees in local communities, and the instrumentalisation of the so-called “refugee crisis” by right-wing groups to destabilise democracy and social cohesion. The project gathered the…

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Public Makers

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Digital transformation of society requires new approaches in education to prepare young people to deal with technological change. Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is an emerging field, and little is known about innovators, organisations, and activities which support them and the use of digital tools for social change. Read More Public Makers

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