The Way of the Council

way of the council

The “Way of the Council” is a civic education project and addresses high school students of the first and the second class of lyceum (15-17 years old), from Greece and, in specific, from the greater region of Arta in Epirus. 

The project aims to bridge on one hand, the extensive theoretical knowledge on the history, roots and values of democracy offered by the school and on the other the scarce opportunities for application of democratic practice in the everyday life of the young people.

On that purpose, Inter Alia, with the support of Kreuzberger Kinderstiftung, will visit the high-schools of Arta, conduct an awareness campaign and facilitate students in organising a regional youth council that would be an example of democratic, self-managed, non-partisan decision-making body. In addition, the “Way of the Council” will provide the resources and guidance to the youth council in order to implement its first project.