TC Who are we in the village – Critical thinking, geopolitics and graphic facilitation, 10-18 October 2022, Le villa near Cornus village, France

What is this training course about? It is about deepening your knowledge on the concepts and history of geopolitics, and critical thinking education. You will acquire practical skills on visual facilitation! You will be able to use it as facilitation and learning tools in geopolitics and critical thinking. You will also have the opportunity to exchanging good practices in…

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TC AENEAS – Against Exclusion NEw trAining Skill, 2-9 July 2022, Palermo, Italy

A.E.NE.A.S. is a 7-day Training Course (TC), under the Erasmus+ programme that will be organised and hosted by CIAS LA Guilla in Palermo, Italy. A diverse group of 30 youth workers (from different ages) coming from 8 countries (Italy, Greece, Lithuania,Romania,Portugal,Slovakia, Latvia and Netherlands) and 8 group leaders will participate. Participants will experience a full immersion of performing arts and non-formal sessions, seven days of activities as follows: Energisers, dance and theatre techniques to foster participants’ sense of identity as individuals and self-consciousness; introduction…

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TC My Step Forward, 7-14 July 2022, Celje, Slovenia

The training course aims to provide skills to youth workers and educators for supporting young people on their career aspirations and developing competences for growing up in World 4.0. The participants will experience the dynamics of mission, vision, and decision making, explore diverse methods to support youth on their path and how to keep inner motivation in long-term processes,…

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TC Youth Work 4 Youth Active Citizens, 26 April – 3 May 2022, Krushevo, North Macedonia

Youth civic engagement and the role of education in developing active citizenship have become increasingly urgent topics of debate throughout the European Union. The growth of nationalist, radical and populist discourses and politics have revealed the need for a better understanding of what factors may encourage young people’s social participation and civic engagement. Democracies need active, informed and responsible…

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TC Culture Garden – Youth Leadership for Collaboration, 4-12 May 2022, Moffat, Scotland, United Kingdom

“Culture Garden – Youth Leadership for Collaboration” is a new 7-day residential training course for youth workers, social workers and educators. The programme provides essential tools and practices, as well as opportunities for individual and group self-reflection, which empower young people to successfully connect, create and collaborate in their school, employment, and community contexts. The program engages with leadership,…

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TC Europe à Table (EAT) – Sustainable Food, 8-16 June 2022, Serre-Chevalier, France

The course will explore the concept of sustainability within the processes of production, purchase, consumption and disposal of food. The workshops proposed will focus on different methods, issues, challenges and solutions at local, national and international level. The training course is an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences related to the topic. They will also discover other…

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