European Cultural Heritage Onstage

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About the Project

European Cultural Heritage Onstage (ECHO) was an international pilot project in the field of arts, culture and heritage, aiming to enhance cultural production and reinforce the European sense of belonging by connecting contemporary artistic creation with Dark Cultural Heritage of local communities in Europe.

Dark Heritage is connected to events that traumatise groups and determine their cultural identity. Such events concern societies, as physical and conceptual spaces related to war, genocide, mass killings, ethnic conflict, oppression, violence and death bear such moments in their heritage, tangible and intangible. Dealing with traumatic heritage may have therapeutic effects for locals and outsiders. War and conflict spaces exist around the whole Europe, thus dark heritage can be a starting dialogue point for artists and citizens.

Aims and Objectives

ECHO aimed to:

  • tighten and promote the link between artistic creation and dark heritage;
  • enable contemporary artistic co-creation based on cultural elements from new, old and future EU member states;
  • capture original images of local communities as a cultural entirety and as part of the European cultural context;
  • Promote local dark heritage through artistic co-creations aiming at enhancing a European sense of belonging;
  • Facilitate cultural and artistic exchange between new, old and future EU member states.

Activities and Deliverables

As a pilot project, ECHO included:

  • Two (2) art residencies in Bitola (North Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia) of four (4) visual artists each – eight (8) artists in total);
  • Four (4) community engagement activities – two (2) in each local community;
  • An arts exhibition in Veliki Preslav Municipality (Bulgaria).

Target Groups

ECHO tried to benefit:

  • Artists through cultural and artistic practices exchange and stimuli;
  • Art receivers by promoting audience development through creations that focused on local communities’ dark heritage and arts, from new, old, and future EU member-states.


  • Inter Alia – Coordinator (Greece)


1 June 2018 – 1 June 2019


ECHO was co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, and was sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports.

More Info

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