The classic tragedy of Sophocles, a timeless symbol of resistance against authoritarianism and an ode to equality and equity is presented in a series of performances across Europe. Inter Alia along with a transnational group of partner and collaborators , features a multilingual version of the Antigone-Creon conflict as envisioned by Palermitan director Valerio Strati.

 “ANTIGONE on Tour” puts forward an artistic and non-formal learning approach to an eminent European problem – the integration of new-coming population – through the introduction and adoption of a culture of peaceful co-existence. Working with a transnational team of youth workers and educators, we have developed a model based on theatre and improvisation to cultivate sensibility and responsibility towards the issues of integration and social inclusion of young migrants and refugees. We study and question Sophocles’ “Antigone”, as a way to introduce and discuss human rights across time and space. We compare the questions and doubts that concern young Europeans about migration and the real life of non-European youngsters and their integration, through the classic dilemma of “Antigone’s way” representing compassion and solidarity against “Creon‘s law” which stands for the official state laws. Participants are introduced to various theatre and improvisation techniques, body movements and a series of non-formal learning activities that lead up to public performances in selected communities.

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