Grapes of Wrath


1 February 2017 – 31 January 2019 Grapes of Wrath (GoW) was a capacity building project for youth workers that aimed to explore and deconstruct patterns of psychological and social tension between in-groups and out-groups with particular reference to migrant communities in the EU. More specifically, GoW attempted to promote intergroup contact by conveying the agony of outsiders and…

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The Way of the Council

way of the council

The “Way of the Council” is a civic education project and addresses high school students of the first and the second class of lyceum (15-17 years old), from Greece and, in specific, from the greater region of Arta in Epirus.  The project aims to bridge on one hand, the extensive theoretical knowledge on the history, roots and values of…

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Bridging the Gap


The European and African youth organisations will use their knowledge and experience to build a non-formal training module on youth work, based on the number of issues raised by all involved youth organisations, including the needs of African youth workers. Read More Bridging the Gap

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Follow Through

November 2016 – July 2017 Follow Through stemmed from Inter Alia’s growing concern about the future of participatory democracy in Europe and the role of youth in shaping it. It set off from the observed inconsistency between the international reputation of EU countries with regards to the quality of democratic institutions (Democracy Index, 2016) and their apparent incapacity to…

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Mission Responsible

mission responsible

“Mission Responsible” is a 24 months (Mar 2016 – Feb 2018) Capacity Building project aiming at the establishment of quality standards for youth work through the exchange of experiences between 7 youth organizations from Greece, Italy, Senegal, Togo, India, Nepal and Vietnam Read More Mission Responsible

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Migrations, Integration & Co-development in Europe

Migrations logo

“Migrations, Integration and Co-Development in Europe” encourages an intercultural dialogue between civil society organizations and citizens from different countries and living communities in Europe to express their views about EU policies related to migration and asylum and more broadly, about the key priorities and strategic actions needed to face common and current challenges. Read More Migrations, Integration…

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Game of Challenges

GoC is a mobility of youth workers and youth organized by Inter Alia in the context of Key Action 1 of the Erasmus+ program. The project started on 01/12/2014 and will be finalized in the autumn of 2015. Game of Challenges revolves around three basic thematic axes – crisis, community and learning. Through various non-formal and informal learning tools, the…

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